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Her Highness, the Traitor

Further Reading for
Hanging Mary



The body of work on the Lincoln assassination and those caught up in it is staggering, and this list represents only the books and other resources I have found most useful on it and wartime Washington. The books by Larson and Trindall give opposing views on Mary Surratt's innocence. Larson's (guilty) is stronger on the conspiracy; Trindall's (innocent) is stronger on Mary's life prior to 1864.




Terry Alford, Fortune's Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth.


Terry Alford, ed., John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir by Asia Booth Clarke.


Thomas A. Bogar, Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford's Theatre.


William C. Edwards and Edward Steers, Jr., The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence.


Andrew G. A. Jampoler, The Last Lincoln Conspirator: John Surratt's Flight from the Gallows.


Michael W. Kauffmann, American Brutus, John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies.


Michael W. Kauffmann, ed., Samuel Bland Arnold: Memoirs of a Lincoln Conspirator.


 Kate Clifford Larson, The Assassin's Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln.


Margaret Leech, Reveille in Washington 1860-1865.


Elizabeth D. Leonard, Lincoln's Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War.


Virginia Lomax, The Old Capitol and Its Inmates.


Arthur F. Loux, John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day.


Betty J. Ownsbey, Alias "Paine": Lewis Thornton Powell, the Mystery Man of the Lincoln Conspiracy.


Anthony S. Pitch, "They Have Killed Papa Dead!" The Road to Ford's Theatre, Abraham Lincoln's Murder, and the Rage for Vengeance.


 Edward Steers, Jr., ed, The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators. 


Edward Steers, Jr., and Harold Holzer, eds., The Lincoln Assassination Conspirators: Their Confinement and Execution, as Recorded in the Letterbook of John Frederick Hartranft.


James L. Swanson, Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer.


William A. Tidwell, with James O. Hall and David Winfred Gaddy: Come Retribution: The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Lincoln.


The Trial of John H. Surratt in the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia (transcript in two volumes). 


 Elizabeth Steger Trindal, Mary Surratt: An American Tragedy.


Thomas Reed Turner, Beware the People Weeping: Public Opinion and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


Louis J. Weichmann, A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy of 1865.


Kenneth J. Zanca, The Catholics and Mrs. Mary Surratt: How They Responded to the Trial and Execution of the Lincoln Conspirator.




The Surratt Courier. Published monthly by the Surratt Society in Clinton, Maryland. Some of its most important articles have been compiled into three booklets that can be ordered from the Surratt Society.



The Lincoln Discussion Symposium
. A moderated discussion board for all topics related to President Lincoln, including his assassination.

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