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Letter of Margaret Anjou



[Source: Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou and Bishop Beckington and Others, by Cecil Monro]


Monro assigns no date to this letter, which is one of many in the collection indicating Margaret's
fondness for hunting.




A Letter From The Queen To Robert Hiberdon.



TRUSTY and welbeloved, for asmoch as we be enformed that ye have the crafte and cunnyng to make [train ?] blode hondes in the best wyse; We desire and praye you that ye will, att reverence of us, take suche diligence and peyne upon you as for to make us two blode hondes to oure use, kepyng theym sauffly and semly, under yor drawing, reule, and demenyng, until tyme that we do send for theym; and that ye faile not herof as ye desire to do us pleasir, and to stand in the faver of our good grace therfore in tyme comynge. At Windesore, the xvi day of August.


To Robert Hiberdon.






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