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margaret of anjou

Image from a manuscript presented to Margaret by John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, at about
the time of her wedding. From Wikimedia Commons.




queen margaret


Image of Margaret from the Guild Book of the London Skinners' Fraternity of the Assumption
of the Virgin Mary, 1475. (Note that Margaret joined the fraternity when she was still a
prisoner of Edward IV.) The lady on the left is possibly Katherine Vaux, Margaret's longtime
companion, who also joined the Skinners' Fraternity. From Wikimedia Commons.




margaret signature


Signature from letter written by Margaret to Charles VII on December 17, 1445. From "Original
Documents Preserved in the National Library at Paris," by Mrs. Everett Green in The Archaeological
Journal, vol. 7, 1850. Margaret was 15 when this letter was written; it contains her promise to help
influence Henry to cede Maine.




margaret signature


Signature from receipt given by Margaret to Louis XI in February 1481. From Lives of
the Queens of England by Agnes Strickland.




margaret coins


Medallion of Margaret of Anjou by Pietro da Milano. Made in 1463-1464 during Margaret's
exile in France.      From L. Forrer, A Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, vol. 4, 1909




margaret at prayer


Margaret at prayer as depicted in her prayer roll, kept at the Bodleian Library as Jesus
College Oxford MS 124. A black-and-white reproduction of Margaret's portrait, from
which the image here is taken, was reprinted in 1851 in The Archaeological Journal.






Image from Vigiles de Charles VII by Martial d'Auvergne. From Wikimedia Commons.





Margaret Angers small



Drawing of stained-glass window at Angers Cathedral portraying Margaret of Anjou.

Thanks to Sylwia Sobczak Zupanec  for supplying this.





Le Temple de Boccace


From Le Temple de Boccace, British Library Harley 4402  f. 25. On the top panel, an angel addresses the author, Georges Chastellain. On the bottom, the author addresses Margaret of Anjou, to whom the manuscript was dedicated.







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