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Reviews of Hanging Mary




 ". . . Three things make this novel truly shine: the many historical details that paint a vivid picture of those days in 1865, and the facts that neither narrator is an eyewitness to the assassination and that Mary’s fate is revealed on the title page, yet the plot never suffers for it. Two notable women, with different perspectives, get a chance to tell their tales. Whether you believe Mary was an active accomplice or unwitting victim, the injustice she faces at the hands of those out for revenge won’t fail to grip you until the final pages, even as she approaches her own inevitable conclusion. "

—Rebecca Henderson Palmer, Historical Novels Review


". . . The author's success lies not only in developing individual characters but also in capturing the overall mood of the capital with swings of jubilation and despair. . . . Detailed author's notes provide thumbnail sketches of the later lives of major characters and delineate ways the novel digresses from historical accounts. . . .  A fine choice for historical fiction fans, particularly book club members, who will appreciate the reading group guide."


—Kathy Piehl, Library Journal (starred revew)








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