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The Woodville Family: A Gallery of Images





Elizabeth Woodville panel


Elizabeth Woodville, a copy of a lost original portrait.



Jacquetta pencil



Pencil sketch of Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford by artist Mark Satchwill



Anthony, Earl Rivers


Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers presenting his manuscript to Edward IV



Garter--Richard Woodville



Garter stall plate of Richard Woodville, first Earl Rivers




Elizabeth Little Malven



Elizabeth Woodville's daughters. The adjoining window, showing the queen herself, is missing most of its panels. Stained glass at Little Malvern Priory.

Photograph  Adrian Fletcher, www.paradoxplace.com



Herbert tomb 


Tomb of William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon, and his first wife, Mary Woodville, in Tintern Abbey, from The Herbertorum Prosapia (Cardiff Central Library, Ms. 5.7) . Thanks to Debra Al-Bayani for sending me this.




E Woodville signature



Signature of 'E. Wydevyll' from British Library, Royal 14 E III  f. 162 . This may be the signature of Elizabeth Woodville before her marriage, or perhaps the signature of her brother Edward. The book also contains signatures of Elizabeth Woodville's daughters Elizabeth and Cecily.




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